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Autonomy Bracelet - My Morning Routine


Autonomy bracelet - I Grow Up Collection


Finally a routine tool that follows your child around the house!

  • Practical. No need to go back and forth to a routine board.
  • Discreet. It won't clutter up your space.
  • One of a kind. Your child will enjoy wearing it.
  • Adaptable to your reality. The pictograms can be added gradually according to your child's level and placed in the order that suits your family's rhythm.
  • Reusable. All the bracelets in the Growing Up Well collection can make room for other pictograms and even become a fashion accessory.

Not suitable for children under the age of 3, as this product contains small parts.

Recommended age : From 3 to 9 years old

    Product Details

    The fragmented routine. Ask your child to do only one thing by himself in the morning, like getting dressed. When the habit is created, add a charm on his bracelet to congratulate him. Build in a second step and then a third until he has all his charms.

      Directions For Use


      • 1 easy-care silicone bracelet
      • 5 charms with pictograms
        • I'm getting dressed.
        • I'm making my bed
        • I'm having lunch.
        • I'm washing up.
        • I'm getting ready to go out

      Charm dimensions: 0.5" (1 cm)

      Bracelet dimensions: 8" x 0.25" (20 x 0.6 cm)

      Available in 5 bracelet colours. Bracelet colors may vary from photo.