•  Science Talent:

    • Good experiment kit for indoor activities to spark your child’s interest for science.
    • Equipped with a universal tool kit for 25 different experiments.
    • Does not contain dangerous chemicals.
    • Box contains: 1 Manual, 18 Experimental kits, 4 Tool Kits, 1 Pigment, 1 Tray
  • Fantasy Ocean:

    • The Fantasy Ocean will satisfy children’s curiosity and children can get a close look at it.
    • Dilute the growth solution with warm water and place the coral blocks in the tank.
    • Observe the growth of coral reefs for 2 – 24 hours.
    • Box contains: Content in Box Water Tank X 1, Background Picture X 1, Sticker X 1, Growing Solution X 2, Stick X 2, Crystal block X 4
  • Soap Land: 
    • The scientific toy can encourage children to wash their hands by making soaps of their own.
    • Children can make soaps by using different pigments and cute marine life molds provided.
    • They can also add a few drops of essences to add fragrance to the soap.
    • Box contains: 5 Soap Base, 1 Measuring Cup, 4 Mold, 2 Pigment, 1 Lemon Fragrance, 1 Rope, 4 Bag, 1 Stick, 1 Silk Ribbon
  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 6 years due to the danger of swallowing small parts. For use under adult supervision.

  •  Wear goggles, gloves and mask (not included) for safety purposes.

  •  Read the instruction manual carefully before starting any experiment.

  •  Recommended age is 6 and up.

Please keep the experimental apparatus out of the reach of children under the age of 6. Read the instructions before use.

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