• 【UV + ozone】: LED UV disinfection technology, 360 degree disinfection, stronger energy, more effective power, only 1 minute can achieve or exceed the sterilization effect of 6 hours of sun exposure
  • 【One package for multiple uses】: you can disinfect your underwear, makeup brush tools, baby diapers, bottles, toys, and of course mobile phones and other clothing
  • 【Lightweight and portable】: it can be put into a suitcase or backpack at any time after folding, without occupying space; portable design, convenient to go out; with a child lock design, safer and more secure
  • 【New split design】: the bag is used to hold small sterilized items, the host can be taken out separately, and the toilet and towel can be sterilized when used in the hotel; the sterilization bag can be removed and washed
  • 【Safety Protection】: the product contains a special safety design, which automatically closes the ultraviolet lamp tube after opening or turning over.
  • 【Caution】: When sterilizing, Do not direct ultraviolet light to the eyes and contact with the skin. 

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