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HeroPacifier (2 Pack)

$900 $1299

HeroPacifier is gentle on your child’s teeth, and is developed to reduce the risk of misalignment.

The pacifier sports an ultra thin nipple, made from 100% silicone. The soft edges are gentle on a child’s sensitive skin, and works as a teething ring. A smart container comes with each pacifier, protecting it from dirt in your pocket or bag, that can also be used to sterilize the pacifier in the microwave (3 minutes at 750 W).

Ultra Thin and soft nipple: Traditional pacifiers have a thick nipple that can push on the gums and teeth, disturbing natural tooth development. HeroPacifier was developed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth, and to be extra gentle on teeth and gums. HeroPacifier has a patent pending ultra thin nipple made from extra soft silicone.

Soft shield and large air holes: The edge of HeroPacifier is made from exclusive soft material for the best in comfort and fit. Large air holes keep your baby’s skin dry, prevents irritation and redness, and as a bonus, you get to see them smile. The edge can also be used as a teething ring to reduce gum pain when the child is teething.

Orthodontic and symmetrical design: An anatomically correct nipple guarantees natural development of the teeth, palate and gums. A symmetrical design means the pacifier is always right-side-up, never upside-down.

Sterilizing cover: The versatile cover keeps your pacifier clean and sterile when you’re keeping it in your pocket or bag. The cover can also be filled with water to sterilize the pacifier in the microwave.

Dishwasher safe: HeroPacifier is safe to put in the dishwasher, boil, and sterilize in the microwave oven using the included cover.