Celebrate the era of steam power with Ugearsmodels gorgeous model of a 19th century – Steam Locomotive and Tender. Despite being powered by a rubber-band motor, it’s ingenious system of visibly functioning asynchronous pistons and valves connected to drive wheels through moving rods and linkages creates a beautiful working example of a steam engine’s operations. The most popular model at our Kickstarter campaign, Steam Locomotive features real-life details such as a fully equipped engineer’s cab with retractable step ladder, art-deco boiler trim, and a Tender with functioning doors. It is our largest and the most complex model to date; nonetheless, with easy to understand step-by-step instructions and quality design it can be fully assembled in a single session. A perfect gift for model train enthusiasts.

Ugearsmodels locomotive is our most complicated model in the line of mechanical vehicles. But don’t feel discouraged! The assembly instruction manual is included with each set. With every step illustrated in 3-d colored pictures accompanied by clear and detailed written directions, this model building process is nothing but fun. Like in every Ugearsmodels vehicles, every part of the Locomotive moves and is completely functionable; all parts inside produce real-life motion.

Weight: 3.131 lbs

Dimensions: 15 x 7 x 2 in

Estimated time of assembly:
Difficulty level:
Number of parts:
Assembled size:
Tools and materials:
Recommended Age:

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