Mechanical Town Robot Factory


AI seems to be the talk of the decade, so why not make some robots of our own before it’s too late? The model is a fully-functioning facility for creating your own mechanical labour force. Don’t make too many, since the trade unions might frown upon that!

Further expanding the boundaries of possibility, Ugears brings you this mind-boggling model of a factory that produces robots.

The model features a steam-punk style workshop with a fully functional assembly line to help you build your robots.

Like all other Ugears models, the Robot Factory set is made of ecological wood; no glue is used during the assembly process. Another brilliant extension of the Mechanical Town series, this DIY puzzle for the whole family guarantees hours of assembly and fun!

Weight: 3 lbs

Dimensions: 15 x 7 x 2 in

Assembled size:
Estimated time of assembly:
Difficulty level:
Number of parts:
Tools and materials:
Recommended Age:

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