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Stainless Steel Food Tray with 3 Comparment (include cover, without suction)


-Product made of high-quality stainless steel, BPA free. 

-Consists of the different compartments (3 sections or 5 sections). 

-Suitable for hot/warm food. 

-Anti-bacterial material, easy to clean, durable product. 

-Dishwasher safe, please wash before using (please follow the steps on the manual). 

-3 compartment size: 260*130*33mm, weight 124g


How To Cleanse Stainless Bottle

1. Using cooking oil, please wipe the bottle gently until abrasives are all gone

2. Please put in hot water with 2-3 scoops of citric acid, and leave it for 2 hours

3. please wash the bottle once more with neutral detergent and let it dry


Recommendation & Warning:

- Please wash before and after use

- Carefully clean the tray with a soft sponge to prevent scratches during cleaning

- It may cause rust when exposed to moisture for a long time, so dry immediately after cleaning

- To prevent damage to the product, do not use acid, salt, chlorine bleach, abrasives, etc.

- If the product is cracked or deformed, stop using it immediately

- The Tray is NOT microwaveable. Only the tray is okay to put it in a boiling water