Petite Hailey

Petite Hailey was made using creative elements and free-chemical safe products in care for the designer and owner Claire's own kids. The clothing fabric is soft for kids from infancy to young age yet durable and washable with minimal care. Petite Hailey was launched in 2018 but loved by many kids and parents worldwide.

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Mia Star Tutu - Pink
Mia Star Tutu - Black
Mermaid Sweatshirts - Purple
Gold Star Ava Top - Black
Smile Sweatshirts - Yellow
PH Frill Tutu - Ivory/Pink
Rabbit Tweed Pearl Tote
Multi Daisy Tutu (Purple)
Mermaid Sweatshirts - Pink
Knit Sweater - Pink/Strawberry (Size 5)
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Knit Sweater - Black/Star
Gold Star Ava Top - Ivory
Short Sparkle Tutu - Pink
Signature Tutu - Pink
Daisy Tutu Dress (White)
Smile Sweatpants - Yellow
Smile Sweatpants - Light Blue
Rainbow Star Sweatshirts - Ivory
Smile Sweatshirts - Light Blue
Smile Sweatshirts - Gray
Alexa Mia Skirt- White
Short Sparkle Tutu - Lavender
Short Sparkle Tutu - Charcoal
Butterfly Sha Tutu - Blue
Butterfly Sha Tutu - Purple
Signature Tutu - Moca
Melo2 Sha tutu - Red
Daisy Flower Clip - Purple
Rainbow Star Sweatpants - Ivory
Star Glitter Sweatshirts - Sky Blue
Star Glitter Sweatshirts - Gray
Alexa Mia Leotard- Black
Gold Star Ava Mom Top- Ivory
Sparkle Clip - Navy
Sparkle Clip - Navy
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Daisy Flower Clip - Yellow
Daisy Tutu Dress (Purple)
51 results
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