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Weighted Straw kit ( twin pack)


* All the parts can be separated for easy washing.
* Products come with 2 packs, BPA free

-Weight straw, which is attached to the end of soft and flexible silicone straw allows baby to drink in any position.
-It blocks any type of air coming into the bottle which prevents stomach trouble(colic).
-Products comes with 2 packs.

Country of Origin Korea


-Always use this product with adult supervision.

-Continuous and prolonged sucking of fluids will cause tooth decay.

-Always check food temperature before feeding.

-Before fist use place a tube in boiling water for 30 seconds. This is to ensure hygiene.

-Please use a straw brush when washing the tube.

-Please replace the silicone nipple every 2-3 months for sanitation issues.

-Please follow the steps on the package to assemble.

-Avoid direct sunlights or fire.